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This is Why Your Blog Doesn’t Have Enough Traffic

Let me guess - you've been blogging for some time now, but you're still nowhere NEAR where you want to be?

You're blog's traffic just isn't growing enough to make the kind of income you desperately need?

I would bet you have one simple problem.

It's very common, something many successful bloggers barely talk about, or not talk about enough.

I mean I get it - I don't want to be the one crushing your dreams, either.

But I will, because you might need a little harsh truth to ultimately reach your goals.

Are you ready? You better sit down for this...

If you can't get your blog to grow despite actively promoting it on Pinterest or social media - your blog might simply be worthless.


But let me explain:

First, this doesn't apply if you're either brand new, or haven't been promoting your blog yet. And with promoting, I mostly mean "being active on Pinterest and pinning my content". It usually takes about 1-2 months for me to get to ~100 visitors a day with Pinterest and a dozen (or more) blog posts. 

So if you've been around a few months AND have been pinning daily (your own and other people's content) - here's your problem:

If no one comes to your blog, it's because they don't feel that your blog offers anything of value to them.

But wait, before you defend your blog:

This might simply mean, that you aren't promoting it well - bad Pinterest images won't get you much traffic, if no one can understand what your blog post is even about.

But if that's not the case... here's what I think:

Every single person on Pinterest, on the Internet, just everyone, is ultimately thinking about themselves.

They browse Pinterest because they WANT something (or because they are bored and want to be entertained). The search on Google to FIND something.

So the question is - do you OFFER that?

Your blog needs to provide the value that people are searching for

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Let's say you're running a mom-blog.

Do you talk about your problems, your life, your stories?

Let me be really harsh again: No one who doesn't know you cares about your story unless you give them a reason to.

Remember: We are all busy (moms more than anyone), so we can't afford to just randomly surf through someone's blog for no reason.

By now, you might be pretty pissed at me. I'm a little sorry for that, but I hope you'll read on so you can understand my point - because all I want is to help you.

If you write about your day, how you've spent an hour changing diapers at the mall today... how much will anyone care?

How about instead, you're writing about a trick you've learned from your mom that helps you change diapers in the mall in just a minute without making a mess?

I'm no mom-blogger (obvisouly, I'm a young guy), but I'd imagine that's something that would help a LOT of moms out there.

And THAT'S what it's all about - you need to provide VALUE by either helping your readers solve some kind of problem, or help them make their life easier.

How to build a blog of value

If you want to grow your blog fast and build it up into something big - you will need to provide massive value.

But more importantly, you need to provide the value that people are searching for.

You could write a genius, 50-page in-depth blog post about how to change diapers of your twins while you're in your private jet and on a call with a client.

And it would probably be incredibly valueable to about 5 people on Pinterest.

Instead, you need to find topics that the most people in your target audience care about a lot.

The "hot topics".

And suddenly, you won't have pins with 2 saves and 1 click per 1,000 impressions, but 47 saves and 32 clicks. 

Which leads to A LOT more impressions, to A LOT more visitors, FOR MONTHS.

Because you hit a nerve. You are writing about the topics THEY care about.

They WANT to read your blog now, because you have what they need.

THAT is the goal.

If you want to be successful as a blogger, stop blogging for yourself. Stop blogging about what YOU feel like blogging.

Start blogging about what your target audience wants to read.

If you want my step-by-step process, I've created a workbook with actionable steps and exercises to quickly produce "hot topic" blog post ideas for any niche whenever you need (no burst of inspiration needed). 

You can download it below if you want it.

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