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Pinterest Traffic Secrets: How to Write Irresistable Headlines

Let other bloggers know:

Have you heard of the blogger who got to 50,000 visitors in 60 days with a brand new Pinterest account?

I’m not going to tell you about them, but I’m going to tell you something even better:

How to build massive traffic for your own blog.

Let me actually take a step back for a second. With the first sentence, I wasn’t actually referring to anyone specifically. It was only a headline to demonstrate the main purpose of a headline: To make a reader continue reading. And you continued reading, didn’t you?

The next/first line, or the subheading needs to keep them reading. You did that, too? Great.

Essentially, that’s the goal for EVERY PIN YOU CREATE.

“What can I write to make people click?”

Or better: “What can I write that people care enough about to click?”

What people care about

There are a few tricks that almost always work. And those aren’t just things I made up – these are principles deeply rooted in human psychology, developed by advertising masterminds over years (and by spending millions to test them).

The classic art of direct advertising is getting less and less attention now that everyone is busy focusing on “shiny new technology”, but YOU can get the upper hand by using the secrets that the old masters used!

For many people, everyday life is rather boring. The same old. Curiosity is pretty much the reason why newspapers and magazines still exist and sell. Especially if you look at the “gossip-y” sections of newspapers and news websites, it’s all about “oh my god, ___ did WHAT??”.

But since you’re probably not writing about these things, here’s how YOU can use this trick: Find something in your blog post that is surprising or not-well-known. Then say it, but don’t tell it.

“This simple trick has made my orchid bloom for 9 months straight.”

As someone with an orchid that doesn’t want to bloom, I’d click that. I wanna knoooow!!

But if you give the secret away in the headline, people won’t bother clicking, because they already know – so don’t tell them the secret!

Just as powerful: Go against what your (possible) readers belief.

“Why you should NOT salt the water you cook pasta in”

I learned to do that since I was a kid – so if I read this headline on Pinterest (or a blog), I’d look at it confused, read it twice, then click it to learn what the hell they are talking about.

Boom, win. Another click.

The Shortcut
Can I let you in on the world’s oldest secret? Humans are lazy.

We want to have the results, but don’t want to do the work. And those of us (like you and me, yay!) who DO work to make their dreams a reality – we STILL want to get the results with as little work as possible.

Which is a good thing, or we’d be terribly inefficient.

So offer a shortcut to your readers – people LOVE shortcuts!

“How to grow your Pinterest account in only 60 minutes per month”

“How to set up your blog in only 30 minutes”

“How to get rich overnight” (okay, maybe not that one)

What’s important: “Promise” your readers that they’ll get what they want FASTER (or easier, works as well) in your headline.

That’s it for now – because I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, I want to make you ACT.

So: Go open your blog, pick your 1-3 best performing blog posts, and create a new pin with a headline using either Curiosity, Controversity, or Shortcuts.

Don’t worry about the headline of the pin not matching the post – as long as the topic is the same, and your reader can recognize they are on the right page – you’re fine.

Bonus: Want to get results even faster? I have FREE Pinterest pin templates, you don’t even have to opt in to get them. Just copy them to your account, enter your headline, add a stockphoto, done!