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If you want your blog to grow – stop writing

If you're a new blogger, your main focus should be on writing content, right?

That's what people tell you.

And they are right - don't worry about getting every little detail right, just keep writing good content.

But that's only half the cake

I often see questions in Facebook groups about traffic.

  • "Why is my blog not growing?"
  • "How do I get more readers?"
  • "Is my content not good enough?"

They get lost in details like blog design, colors, fonts, and so many other factors that just aren't important at that stage.

Yes, you should have a decent WordPress theme - but any good free theme will do.

What matter is that you PROMOTE your content.

People won't magically find your blog.

Google won't show your blog to ANYONE.

Stop thinking it will!

Until your blog is a few months old, and you've put some serious effort into SEO (search engine optimization), don't expect ANYTHING from Google. (there are millions of blogs - why would they show yours on the first page?)

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"Okay, but so what do I dooooo??"

I don't mean to be discouraging. The opposite, really.

All I want is to destroy your unrealistic dreams, so you can set realistic goals, put them into action, and make 'em real.

Truth #1: Unless you promote your blog posts, no one will ever see them.

Promotion can be anything - Pinterest, Facebook, Fliers, TV Ads, anything. (Don't even think about running actual paid advertising, though. Not until you're ready.)

Truth #2: Don't invest time or money in temporary promotion.

If you post every new blog post on your personal Facebook profile, you get a couple of visitors. Great. And after that, nothing.

That's not how you grow a blog.

Instead, if you start growing a fanpage and invest time and/or money into growing it, you'll get more traffic from it over time - but that's still only half-good, since you only get traffic when you post something on your fanpage.

Instead, invest in building up a good Pinterest profile. 

Because Pinterest isn't a social network like Facebook - it's a visual search engine. If you have 20 posts and at least 1-2 pins for each, and pin regularly - you might get 50-100+ visitors per day passively.

Even if you stop posting. Even if you stop pinning.

And the longer you keep at it, the more your Pinterest traffic will grow.

THAT'S how you grow a blog.

So... what do I have to do?

Writing a blog post is only half the work.

For every post you publish, you should have at least one pinnable image, optimized for Pinterest. That means a ratio of about 2:3 (width:height) with a big, readable title. (The title of your blog post)

Put it at the end of your blog post. And pin it to Pinterest after you published.

But don't stop there - you need to stay active on Pinterest consistently, pin at least 3-5 images a day (repinning other people's content to your own boards).

You need to optimize your boards and your own pin descriptions for keywords.

I can't cover every detail of "how to Pinterest" here, but if you want to learn more, here's a really good free course you can get: https://momsmakecents.com/free-pinterest-course/

But what if I want to grow FASTER?

I'm glad you asked.

Even if you have a good mix of writing new content and promoting your content - you're still forgetting one huge factor.

All your efforts are only as effective as your post's POPULARITY.

If you write the wrong kind of blog posts, or about the wrong topics - you'll put a lot of effort into promoting, but barely grow.

However, if you find the hot topics to cover, the kind of content that your audience is dying to read - promotion because as easy as pie.

You post it to Pinterest, go to bed, and wake up to dozens of repins and clicks.

It feels GOOD.

I can show you how to do that in my free workbook if you're interested.

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If you want your blog to grow stop writing

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