How to Make Work Feel Effortless (even without coffee!)

Have you ever started the week with big goals, only to suddenly feel entirely out of energy and motivation by Wednesday? Started with the vision for your business in mind, but soon just felt exhausted?

You’re not alone!

But while a lack of energy is common, it can quickly derail or destroy your business.

So let’s fix it!

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The main problem when work feels exhausting is either a very real lack of sleep, or, when you feel like you should be full of energy: an Alignment problem.

Think of it this way: Your body is mostly controlled by your subconscious. So what if your subconscious doesn’t have the same goal as you do?

You are fighting against yourself every step of the way.

Maybe, subconsciously, you believe that the book you’re working on is useless and won’t help anyone. Every effort to write it will be sabotaged by a lack of energy, focus, concentration, and there will always be “something” in the way.

The goal is not to work harder or have more discipline – that’s just trying to win against your subconscious with pure force.

Possible? Yes.

Also the reason for chronic stress, burnout, and a ton of health issues.

Instead, bring your subconscious on YOUR side and use its power for YOUR goals!

For the previous example, that might be exploring your feelings of doubt – and squashing them. Once you truly believe how important your book is for a lot of people, you might feel so inspired that you’ll find it hard to stop working!

First, you’ll have to find out what’s blocking you.

This is something that’s hard to define, it’s a process that you’ll have to embrace in your own, unique way. I like sitting down on the couch, cross-legged, closing my eyes and just listening to thoughts that come up when I think about what’s bothering me.

Often, the thoughts we normally immediately suppress are the ones that are the most helpful now.

And, of course, if there are any worries, doubts, or fears that you normally try to push away – now’s the time to explore them.

The goal is simple: You should feel great about what you do. Maybe not every little part of your work, but the overall vision should feel exciting and awesome.

If there’s doubt, it will likely hold you back. Find everything that feels “off”, that makes you wonder if you can achieve it, if it’s worth it, if you’re good enough,…

Is it true, or is it just a fear?

Once you found something, try asking this question. Often, we worry so much about things that aren’t even real (yet), but the idea of a potential future problem is enough to throw us off course.

I’ll write more about working on these subconscious, harmful believes in my book, but for now, remember this:

Whatever negative or doubtful thoughts you entertain in your mind daily will have very real effects on you.

When something comes up, inspect the thought for a moment to see if it is helpful. If not, just let it go, let it drift away as you hold on to your vision.

Whatever you focus on and spend time dwelling on receives your energy. The more you dwell on something, the more your energy will flow there.

Spend your time thinking about your vision, your goals, your dreams.

Resolve as many doubts and internal conflicts as you can, as quickly as you can.

Start by practicing awareness of your mental state – are you focused on the positive outcome, on your vision and success? Or is your mind preoccupied with worry and doubt?

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