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How to Create Pinterest Board Covers in Canva

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I’ll be honest – board covers on Pinterest are very controversial – most experts say they don’t have any effect on your Account, don’t improve your Pinterest SEO (or “PEO” as I call it), and aren’t even seen by most users.

But I still like to do them, even if it’s only for myself.

They look… neat. Nice and tidy. Like books organized by color and size.

It’s not necessary, but it makes me smile every time.

So here’s how you can do it yourself easily:

Step 1: Decide on a style.

I prefer a softer look, like a patterned background, or a half-transparent background image, overlayed by a big, short board name.

But of course, this is your choice, and it depends on what you like, and what niche you’re in.

Want to have it even easier? Get my free Pinterest templates – you’ll also get access to a bunch of free Pinterest covers that you can use or adjust to your liking!

Step 2: Create a template

You can create a simple template in Canva very easily! Create a new design with the following dimensions: 238px * 284px.

Then you create one nice board cover on the first page. You can then simply duplicate it, and change only the title, and you have a full set of beautiful board covers!

You can also add a light color overlay, and have each board have a slightly different color.

Or, you can use a different image for each.

Step 2.5: Actually create a template

Okay, so step 2 was very “just do it and you’re done”. Here’s two simple practical cover designs:

Use a pattern or texture as background. You can find tons of these in Canva for free under “Backgrounds”. Browse through them, or search for things like “abstract background” or “flower background” or whatever fits your style.

Then make sure you have white as a background color (top left in the toolbar), and reduce the transparency until you’re happy.

Then add some text – but ideally no more than 3 words. The more you have, the smaller it will be, and the harder it will be to read it.

I would use either big, bold letters (easy to read) or a bold brush script font. Canva has a ton of fonts, which makes it both easy and hard. Easy because you have so many fonts to choose from, but hard because you have so many fonts to choose from!

Add the text (I prefer black or dark grey) and you’re done!

You’ll probably have to play around with font choices, size, color, and background a bit, but I believe in you.

Step 3: Duplicate, change, download, enjoy

Once you have your template, all you have to do is duplicate it once for every board you want to have a cover for. Insert the title on each page, and when you’re done, download them all as png.

Then upload them in Pinterest in the board settings, and you’re done!

You can also reorder your boards manually if needed, or just sit back and take in your beautiful new Pinterest profile!

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up my free Pinterest templates. 🙂

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