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Free Pinterest Templates for Canva to Grow Your Blog

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I don’t know about you, but I used to spend wayyy to much time creating Pinterest-optimized images for my blog posts. Then I started using high-quality Pinterest templates for Canva, and everything changed.

Now I can easily create 5 unique, professional-looking Pins within about 10 minutes or less.

This has not only saved me TONS of time, but also helped me create templates that are optimized for clicks, and use them to grow my Pinterest traffic fast!

By the way, I’m currently giving away 12 free templates here if you want to have the same results.

Want to grow your traffic with less effort? Let me explain who I create high performing pins with templates easily.

Step 1: Catch Attention

If your pins don’t immediately catch a browsing Pinterest user’s attention, you’ve lost half the battle. (the battle for attention and traffic, that is)

You HAVE to have a decent amount of contrast, clearly readable text, and forms that draw the eye in the right direction.

There’s a whole science and tons of studies behind this, but there’s books filled with that, so I can’t explain all of it here. I did use many of these tricks in the templates I’m giving away, though.

By the way: If you want to get my whole Viral Pin Checklist, get my free template bundle, I’m giving it away (for free) to my subscribers!

Step 2: Draw them in

Think of some guy on the street offering you free candy. Oh wait, bad example.

Think of meeting a friend, and they greet you with “I just pulled fresh brownies out of the oven!” – Best. Friend. Ever.

Give your audience a REASON to click your pin! You only have a few words you can put on a pin, so make sure they convince people that you have something great!

Step 3: Make them click

Imagine a pin that looks really interesting, and it reads: “Finally, Pinterest Secret revealed: Pin 17 times a day for best results!”

They’re giving away the secret on the pin! Big mistake, that gives people NO reason to click it and go to their website.

Instead, you need to SAY that you have something great, but NOT give it all away on the pin! Like a movie trailer – you give away enough to make people interested, but NOT the ending!

Get your own free Pinterest templates for Canva:

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