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Free Pinterest Template Library

For most blogs, Pinterest is a must-have, and often a bigger traffic source than Google. But you can't succeed on Pinterest without catchy, professional Pinterest-optimized graphics.

If you're not a designer, or can't spend the time crafting your own templates - let me give you a few for free! I'll add more designs to this library over time, so checking back from time to time might be smart. 😉

They are super easy to use with Canva, a great free web-based tool that makes designing stuff simple for non-designers. It's free, and you won't need the pro version in 99% of cases.

Also, I'm offering these templates for free, without even asking you to join my newsletter. I do, however, ask you to take a second and share this page on Pinterest or Facebook - to help other bloggers who need free Pinterest templates, and to help me help more people. Thank you! 😊 

(Also, in case you're wondering: All my templates are about unicorn facts because I wanted a neutral example where I can literally make up anything to fill the space on the pin.)

Design #001

Minimalistic, clean, and catchy. A classic design showcasing a photo or stockphoto and leaves lots of space for your text. But don't use it all! (Comes in two variations)

Design #002

Sleek and modern, easily customizable with branded colors. (Comes in two variations)

Design #003

Sleek and modern, easily customizable with branded colors. Great if you have an image you want to show, but not put too much focus on it. (Comes in two variations)

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Design #004

A variation of #003 with less space for text and more for the image - for if you really want to show off something cool. (Comes in two variations)

Design #005

Perfect for list posts and "top x" posts! (Comes in two variations)

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I'm offering these templates to you for free, no strings attached. If people like these enough and share this enough, I'll be happy to keep creating more free designs. Please take a moment to let others know of these free templates - everyone wins!