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The Crucial Secret That Successful Bloggers Don’t Tell You

Sounds like a clickbait title?

I'll be honest - it kind of is. But it's also true. Let me show you why:

Do you sometimes see "small" bloggers with just a couple hundred visitors a day who are owning it, making serious money with their blog?

Do you know the feeling when a more experienced blogger sets up a new blog, and grows it to x0,000 visitors/month within just a few weeks - while others take YEARS to reach that?

What's their secret?

Is there a secret?

Can you learn it?

Definitely. Here's the secret:


Disappointed? I sure would be.

But its simplicity is why it's so damn important.

While everyone's chasing tactics and plugins, and the newest Pinterest strategy - they miss the big picture.

Let me give you an example.

Just this week alone, I got about 15 emails from the same person without ever subscribing to his list. In fact, I unsubscribed twice. He keeps spamming me with really bad sales emails, trying to sell me some get-rich-quick software.

I'm deleting every one of them without even reading the subject now. So much effort (and possibly money) spent on marketing, and yet I couldn't care less.

Here's the other side: A few weeks ago, I went for lunch and a walk in the sun with a good friend. She took me to this new-ish vegan burger restaurant, and those were the best damn vegan burgers I've ever had, with sweet potatoe fries and a fresh, handmade basil-lemon dip. I went there again twice since then - and I rarely ever eat out, I prefer to cook at home.

I'm looking forward to going again, and I recommend it to friends (or go with them). And yet I have never seen a single ad for them.

What's the point?

Marketing and advertising is important - yes. Catchy headlines and solid Pinterest strategies in our case.

But what matters MOST is that there are people out there, your target audience, who ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you offer.

You need to have a blog where you can say "if a person like xyz comes to my site, they feel just at home and don't want to leave anymore".

But here's the thing...

Most bloggers say you should start with something you're passionate about. Write what you know. What's important to you. Share your story.

I call BS on that.

Because that advice tells you that your blog is about YOU. But it's not.

If you want to have a business, you cannot blog for yourself.

Because you don't go to Pinterest or Google and think "hm, I wonder what Benjamin posted, or how his day went". (fine, by the way, thanks!)

No, the question on your mind might be something like...

  • What can I do to make my blog grow faster?
  • Why is my blog not as big as theirs?
  • How can I make enough money with my blog to quit my job?
  • How the hell does affiliate marketing work? Is there like a step-by-step guide or something??

What do they all have in common?

All these questions are about yourself!

So yeah, I could talk about my day, but why would you care? You care about YOUR day, and about YOUR blog - so THAT'S what I'm writing about.

How to help YOU grow you blog faster.

How to help YOU make more money.

A step-by-step guide for YOU to implement affiliate marketing. (It's free!) 

If you want to build a successful blogging business, you have to ask yourself how you can best help others, make their life better.

That's what no one told you when you started.

Or maybe someone did - then you're lucky.

But that's the essential difference between blogs that "make it" and those that don't. One kind serves people as much as it can, the other doesn't.

So, if you want to grow your blog and turn it into a BUSINESS, not just a self-centered hobby - focus on serving others.

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If you still only want to write about your day and what recipes you just found - that's fine. Everyone blogs for different reasons. But if your reasons are either money or success or impact - stop putting yourself in the spotlight, and put the focus on your readers!

If you want to learn how to do that to monetize your blog - I cover this side in my free course.

But if you still need to grow your blog's traffic - I have a great free workbook that helps with that! Just enter your email below and I'll send it to you.

By the way - that's how I provide value. Helpful articles, free courses, free worksheets,....

Because if you like my content and can learn a thing or two - you might decide to invest a bit of money (as little as $5) into one of my paid programs to learn even more. Again - focused on what YOU get out of it (and it's a lot!).

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How to make $100/day with your blog

How to make $100 per day with your blog

This is not the kind of blog post you’re probably expecting.

Instead of showing you a simple way to make $100/day, I want to show you the “big picture” – because let’s be honest, the “one simple way” to make money rarely works for everyone.

You should definitely keep reading if:

  • …you aren’t sure if you’re on the right track to blogging success
  • …you feel like your blog could or should make more money
  • …you don’t like ineffective work and want to take the faster road to success

The simple formula

Ready to see your entire business condensed into a formula so simple, a child could solve it?

Income = Traffic * Monetization

So what’s the point of this?

I create formulas for business models for a single reason: CLARITY.

Clarity is HUGE. It’s like running through a maze with vs without knowing the route to the exit. (the maze is your blogging journey, the exit you “making it”)

So, if you have Google AdSense on your blog and make about $2 per 1,000 pageviews, you need 50,000 pageviews on your blog every day for $100/day.

But the beauty of a formula is that you can pull its levers to change it!

If you double your monetization (-> $4/1,000 pageviews, or a $4 Revenue-per-Mile), you only need HALF the pageviews to reach the same goal.

With a premium ad network like MediaVine, you can get RPMs of up to $10, depending on your niche. Even better, with Ezoic, they’ll optimize for you, and pit ad networks against each other to get you higher RPMs ($10+ is very realistic for most blogs).

So, if your revenue per 1,000 pageviews is somewhere at $2-5, you can double or triple your income with a few hours of work.

If you spent that time working on content or traffic, you’d have MUCH less impact on your overall income!

On the other side, if you sell premium products and earn about $150/1,000 pageviews, but only have 130 visitors per month – you obviously need to work on traffic.

Actionable: What you should do

I love getting real actionable! Let’s go over practical steps.

If you are blogging for less than 3 months:

Don’t worry too much about things. Make sure you get a solid understanding of the absolute basics:

  • Write a lot of content.
  • Write the RIGHT content.
  • Build up your Pinterest account and grow your traffic from Pinterest (applies to 95% of all niches).
  • Don’t do a million things – focus on the basics.
  • ONLY start building an email list if you’re comfortable with all of the above and make good progress

If you have lots of blogpost, but little traffic (< 5 visitors per day per blog post on average):

Traffic = Blog Posts * Average Daily Traffic.

So if you have lots of blog posts (at least 10) but not so much traffic, you need to work on your reach and your pull. You need more people to see your content and make sure they click it and come to your blog.

  • Grow your Pinterest with a solid, active schedule (Tailwind is great) of good content of your niche (at least 10 repins + 2 own pins per day)
  • Be active in valuable group boards and/or Tribes (on Tailwind)
  • Create better Pinterest-optimized images for your blog posts
  • Optimize your headlines and meta descriptions for better reach on Pinterest & Google
  • IF (and only if) your blog is older than 6 months: Start optimizing your blog posts for low-competition keywords, track the rankings, and keep improving
  • (same if) Start building backlinks from blogs and websites in your niche to increase your ranking and thus increase traffic from Google
  • Also: WRITE BETTER BLOG POSTS. Not “write better” but write the RIGHT kind of content that people actually care about and want to read. That alone can 10x your traffic.

Why Pinterest? Because it’s long-lasting traffic that can grow over years if you stick to it. Posting on your Facebook doesn’t have any lasting benefit, and won’t help you grow your blog. Same for Google – you can grow it, but it takes longer and needs more effort.

If you want to effectively utilize Pinterest, I recommend Create & Go’s Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. They also have a great Facebook group that I’m a part of, where you can always get help. It’s pricy, though. So I’d only recommend it if you’re serious about blogging and growing your traffic. This is a great blog post where they cover a lot of the important basics if you want to learn more about Pinterest but can’t afford to invest money.

If you only have a few (<10) blog posts:

If you don’t even have 10 blog posts yet – keep writing! Before you brainstorm ideas, though: Make sure to write the kind of content that will pull in readers like free pizza for students. Check what big competitors are writing about, and what their hottest content is at the moment – there’s a very high chance it could be YOUR next hot content, too! I go deep into this strategy in my free workbook here.

Start growing your Pinterest account, too – but don’t put as much focus on it just yet.

If you have 100+ visitors a day, but make less than $10/1,000 visitors:

It’s time to work on monetization – my favorite part! (makes sense, since I’m a blog monetization expert/mentor)

The best part about this is: It’s the least amount of work! If you are in a niche with not-so-good potential for affiliate marketing, switching to Ezoic or Mediavine might be all that you need to do – which could take you 1-2 hours and you’re done.

In any way, I highly suggest looking at integrating affiliate marketing in your blog, too. I have a free course that explains my “A.P.P.” Formula and how to build and implement your affiliate marketing strategy on your blog in three easy steps. (including workbooks and practical help)

What are YOU struggling with?

Do you feel like you don’t really fit into any of these categories? Do you still have open questions? Leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help you. 🙂

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How to make $100 per day with your blog - what to focus on

The #1 Key to Build a Successful Blog

I believe there is ONE thing you need to nail if you want to be successful with your blog.

And I don’t make such absolute statements lightly – but I challenge me to prove me wrong.

Let me ask you this:

Why does a neurosurgeon is paid $xxx,xxx while a generic doctor is only earning above average?

Why did Russel Brunson earn over $3 MILLION in a 90-minute speech, while teachers get maybe $30 for a 90 minute class?

Why does a consultant spend over $100,000 to sit down with a coach and talk for a weekend?


When you’re making almost a million dollar per month, paying someone $100,000 is worth it, if they help you make just a little bit more. If that coach helped them make only 3 percent more money, this investment would pay off after only 3 months.

When you have a course that will significantly transform someone’s life and help make them successful – that’s easily worth $10,000. Especially, if many of the people taking the course make that kind of money per month within a year after taking it. That investment would be a no-brainer!

Now if you put Russel Brunson in a room with thousands of entrepreneurs and he sells them his course – it’s easy to make $3 million if you’re changing hundreds of people’s lives.

And by the way – those are the kind of people that I follow to learn about marketing and business. I’ve been investing lots of time and money ($x,xxx kind of money) to learn from them.

I can imagine the scene that might play in your head. You look at your blog, and at the $3 you made so far. Then you look at that shiny new object, promising riches and wealth. You want to jump at the opportunity and become rich.

That’s not what I’m trying to get you to do, at all.

What I’m saying is: Take your blog. Look at it. Look at yourself.

How can you bring as much value to the world as possible with it?

It sounds easy for money-centric niches. If you can help someone save $200 per month, you can make money with that, right?

Yeah, of course. “Hey, I help you save $200/month if you pay me $49 for this course” is an easy sell.

But most people have some pain that they would happily pay a lot of money on to have it fixed.

You’ve probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

  1. Physiological needs
  2. Safety needs
  3. Social belonging
  4. Self-esteem
  5. Self-actualization
  6. Transcendence

Those are the needs everyone has. If you’re hungry, thirsty, or really tired, you’ll want nothing as much as eat, drink, or sleep.

How does that help you?

If you’re writing paleo recipes on your blog, you’re not just writing recipes. You’re helping people be healthy (physiological needs), maybe lose weight and look good (self-esteem, social belonging), and you might help them live up to their full potential (self-actualization).

Maybe you could help an overwhelmed mom with two kids be more energized and fit with the right food, help her save time with the right recipes. Which, in turn, helps her manage the whole situation better, so she doesn’t burn out. She’s happier, healthier, and her kids are happier, too. You may have “only” given her the right recipes, but you might have changed a family’s life, maybe even saved a marriage.

In my life, I’ve struggled with food and diet for a long time. Actually, I still do. But I’m getting better at it.

And let me tell you, there’s a HUGE difference between feeling like I’ve just run a marathon after lunch, being completely exhausted because my body needs all its energy on digestion – or feeling light and satisfied.

If someone could help me figure out what foods I need to avoid, and what I need more of, basically help me figure out the right diet for my body to be healthy, fit, and energized, I’d probably pay a lot of money for it.

So here’s what I’d expect from a paleo/food blogger:

Why do I feel so exhausted after eating? Why can’t I eat some things without digestion problems? What should I be eating? How does the right food help me feel better? How does it help me be healthier? What kind of health issues am I avoiding by eating paleo/…? How do I get started? What kinds of food should I eat? How can I make them?

This, of course, doesn’t meant that you need to write just that. But those were the questions that immediately popped into my head. Your audience may already be more experienced and doesn’t need any of that – just recipes.

But if you answered these questions, you’d help me immensely.

Now it’s your job to figure out what your readers need from you.

How can you help them?

How can you bring them the most value?

How can you change their lives?

I’ll be brutally and uncomfortably honest here: If you think you can’t really make a big difference with your blog – you’re either just not finding the right angle, or should think about starting a different blog if you want to make money with it.

Because in the end, it’s all about providing value.

Writing on your blog like a personal diary might be fun and good for you, but if you don’t help anybody with it, you’re not going to see big success with it.

If you’re writing about how you successfully manage life as a single mother who’s also a business owner, THAT is incredibly helpful and valuable to other moms who are trying to run their business.

Your blog should be your way of bringing value to the world in some way.

If you can do that, if you can really make a difference for people and help them, everything else will happen naturally.

Monetizing becomes easy when people ASK you if you have a course or something they can buy. Because if you provide that much value, people want to buy from you.

“Money will flow to wherever the ‘value’ OUTRANKS it”

(from one of Traffic & Funnel’s memos)

$100 is a lot of money. But feeling good every day is more important. If I think your course will help me feel good every day by eating the right food, I’ll WANT to give you my money, because I’d rather feel good than have $100.

You don’t have a course yet? I’ll ASK you to write one, because I want to buy it!


Because I trust you, because you’ve helped me with your blog.

THAT should be the goal.

Help people.

Make a difference.

Bring value to the world.

Do that, and doors will open everywhere for you.

The universe (or god, or whatever you believe in) will do everything it/he/she can to help you.

If you don’t believe in anything spiritual (I’m not really spiritual, either), look at it this way: People will go out of their way to help you when they see that you are helping them or even helping others.

Seriously, life becomes so much easier and better.

Help people.

Make a difference.

Bring value to the world.

It really changes everything.

Go be awesome.

The 1 Thing you need to succeed with your blog