Benjamin Schwalb's Affiliate program

Promote high-value courses & workbooks, give away free content, and
build a growing passive income stream!

 What makes this affiliate program different?  

There are hundreds affiliate programs for bloggers, so let me get to the point immediately.

I pay money to make you sales

When you send people to my offers, I run ads to turn these visitors into buyers - by giving away free value, offering free worksheets, and further promoting my products.

And you STILL get your full commission on these sales!

180-day cookies for maximum payouts

When you send someone to my offers - you get full commissions for 6 months on ANY product they buy. If you promote a free course, and they end up buying three paid courses in the next 6 months - that could be a $100+ commission for you!

Personal support and coaching whenever you need it

Wouldn't it be ironic if a monetization expert didn't help his own affiliates with monetization? Here's how I see it: You promote my products, so I'm happy to return the favor by helping you succeed with affiliate marketing - not just with my own program!

(Oh, and you get access to all my courses for free when you promote my stuff on your blog!)

So what do I even do?

In short: I help bloggers make money.

Currently, I focus on providing extensive training on all things affiliate marketing, but future courses will also cover creating your own products.

I'll be totally transparent: I'm just getting started, but I'm here to stay. And you can get some sweet benefits by joining my program early! (like 50% increased affiliate commissions for LIFETIME!)

But I don't just hide in a cave and create courses. I'm active on Facebook, love to help people in groups or on Messenger - personal support is HUGE for me, especially for all my course students!

My current offers

Affiliate Blogger Quickstart is my introduction course, helping bloggers set up affiliate marketing from scratch, explaining how everything works, how to find the right products, and how to promote them effectively. It also teaches some important theory to help my students make even more money!

Price: Free

Affiliate Blogger Breakthrough is my advanced flagship course, helping bloggers create advanced affiliate strategies, grow their blog rapidly, make more money with their traffic, and turn confusion into clarity.

Price: $199 (only $99 during Launch!)

The Clarity Workbook (name work-in-progress) includes parts of Affiliate Blogger Breakthrough, expanded with additional training, to help bloggers create clarity in their blogging journey to bring their goals into reach and accelerate their progress, make blogging effortless, and grow their audience explosively.

Price: $19 

100 Profitable Blog Post Ideas (name work-in-progress) is a workbook that helps bloggers quickly come up with 100 blog post ideas that are guaranteed to be highly targeted, highly popular, and highly profitable! It's a tremendous shortcut to growing your blog effectively.

Price: $19 

How does it work?

Don't worry - it's super simple!

Sign up on my Teachable school and fill out a short interview, and I'll activate the affiliate program for you once I've approved your application!

You can then create affiliate links to my courses, both the Teachable sales pages, and my own, custom-designed sales pages. Everything is managed by Teachable, a highly popular and reputable platform, so you'll never have to worry about not receiving payouts!

 Ready to get started? 

Create a free account and fill out the interview, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Click the link in the top menu that says "Sign Up"

 Any Questions? 

I'm always here for you, just message me or send me an email!

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