Finally… A simple affiliate strategy for busy bloggers who want to replace their income without selling their soul.

I know. You’re working hard on your blog. You struggle. You’re not swimming in money, and time is scarce. That’s why I’ve created a different approach for affiliate marketing… for YOU.

I believe that most affiliate marketing advice out there is BROKEN.

Let me show you what I mean:

Have you ever tried losing weight?

It’s not easy, isn’t it?

What I hate most are those “weight-loss shakes”, promising that you’ll lose 20 pounds per month just by drinking some shake every day.

That’s not how it works, people!

There’s no “one simple trick” to weight loss.

Just like protein shakes aren’t enough to make you big and strong.

It’s the same with affiliate marketing.

Most people fail with affiliate marketing, because they don’t see the big picture.

It’s so much more than just adding affiliate links to blog posts.

And it certainly shouldn’t feel salesy or pushy.

If you tried it before, and felt like you were just trying to make money, like some sleazy salesman... were doing it wrong. (It’s okay, that’s how most people seem to teach it…)

In fact, if you go the “normal” route, you’ll be pushed to sell harder and harder, and just write for the money if you want to build an income – it seems like the only way to make it work. JUST like door-to-door salespeople got more and more annoying, or ads got more and more pushy.

But it will alienate your readers and destroy the passion you have for blogging.

You could also put up ads on your blog – about 5-10 per page to get to the same income that you can get with affiliate marketing. But could you really sleep well, knowing that your blog is full of annoying ads? I couldn’t…

Let me show you a different way.

My approach to affiliate marketing is more holistic – just like no single pill can make you healthy, make you lose weight, or make you strong and muscular, there’s no “one trick” for affiliate marketing, either.

Instead, I created the “A-B-B” Formula to build a powerful, all-inclusive affiliate marketing strategy.

It will not only help you make way more money from your existing traffic, but also help you build up your audience and put your blog on the fast lane for growth.

It feels like finally GETTING IT, like you can see clearly again. It’s like taking the stairs up the mountain, while everyone else is climbing the rocky mountain side.

You will be able to easily find new ideas for blog posts, which are almost guaranteed to be highly popular, and will help you grow your blog traffic quickly.

You will be able to find the perfect affiliate product for every post within minutes, and understand which products to pick to make dollars, not pennies, with your traffic.

You will never struggle with how to promote an affiliate product again, and anything you feature will sell like fresh girl scout cookies.

You will be clear about what you have to do to grow your blog in the right direction and build a reliable income stream with it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to focus your efforts to multiply your results
  • How to make readers fall in love with your blog on the first visit
  • How to pull in your “perfect reader” with every post you write
  • How to make sure every blog post you write will be a hit
  • How to leverage your biggest competitors to grow your blog
  • How to double your traffic with one small change
  • How to write headlines that stand out
  • How to never struggle with finding products to promote again
  • How to identify what products will sell, and which won’t
  • How to add value to your reader instead of selling them – and make money doing it
  • How to make affiliate marketing 100% ethical
  • How to double your affiliate profit by speaking to an untapped market
  • How to 10x your commissions with the right affiliate products
  • How to use the secrets that got many companies into the Fortune 500 list
  • How to use insider knowledge of the biggest ecommerce player for yourself
  • How to sell without selling, and what to do instead
  • How to keep your readers’ trust AND get their money
  • How to speak in your readers’ words and understand them like no one else
  • How to always know what to write next to increase your income
  • How to sell anything like hot cakes with one short exercise
  • … and much more to come in future updates!
  • I’m a huge opponent of measuring a course (or any education) by the VOLUME though.

    That’s why each lesson can be done in about 10 minutes and is completely straight-forward, no blabla.

    But information is not going to make you rich – IMPLEMENTATION will. That’s why there are worksheets for most lessons, so you can immediately implement what you’ve learned, almost like having a private mentor walk you through everything step by step.

    That’s why I believe this course is going to bring you RESULTS, even if you have been disappointed by other courses before.

    But it’s not for everyone. You should only take this course if you…

    … are ready to treat your blog as a business, and are willing to put work in
    … understand that it’s not a get-rich-overnight kind of deal
    … genuinely want to help people with your blog
    … already have at least 50-100 visitors to your blog every day

    DO NOT take this course, if you…

    … want to blog purely for fun, and don’t care about the money

    … are just getting started, and still struggle with writing content

    … only care about money, and don’t want to provide valuable content

    How difficult is this course?

    I don’t use any complicated plugins, no coding, nothing technical – I teach you the principles behind it all, and how to apply it YOUR way – you don’t even have to use wordpress!

    I also tested this approach on a brand new blog – after about two months, I had written only 6 blog posts, had about 400 visitors, and made over $60 in profit. (with NO ads or any other promotion!)

    (This is NOT a typical result, but it shows just how powerful this system is)

    And to show you just how much I believe in my course, here’s a promise to you:


    If you implement what you learn, and don’t increase your affiliate earnings by at least 50%, I will happily give you your money back.

    So if you make at least $50 per month with your blog – taking this course should be a no-brainer. The investment will pay for itself within 3 months AT MOST.

    Now there’s just one question left that I need to ask you:

    Do you want to keep trying to “figure it all out yourself” and struggle...

    or do you want me to take you by the hand and walk you through everything?

    If you want to take the shortcut, and save yourself a lot of time and headache, get in the course while it’s on sale – 100% risk-free.

    Launch Sale ends in...